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Aloha Hospitality has defined itself as a great hospitality company dedicated to creating great feelings and value for our guests and team members that will ensure our guests are happy and loyal.

Founded by local restauranteur and former Alabama football All-American and All-Pro Miami Dolphin, Bob Baumhower, opened his first restaurant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1981. Since that time, Aloha Hospitality has grown to include 14 restaurants across 5 concepts in some of the state's largest cities, including Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Mobile, Montgomery, and Auburn.

Employing over 1,000 people in the state of Alabama, Aloha Hospitality emphasizes the use of top quality, fresh ingredients provided by local farmers, fishermen and other hospitality service providers in the state of Alabama. 


Bob Baumhower's Aloha Hospitality International was formed indirectly by an investment in Joe Namath's hospitality business called "Bachelors Three" located in New York and Alabama. Bob and his buddy Richard Todd, who played with Bob and Joe at Alabama and followed Joe to the New York Jets, invested in opening a "Bachelors Three" in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offering several atmospheres under one roof. The "Bachelors Three" format provided fine dining, raw oyster bar, disco and casual saloon options. In late 1979 Steve Towle, Bob's Miami Dolphin team mate, invited Bob to lunch at a restaurant called "Wings and Things". Eddie Hauck was the owner of this NY based buffalo wing business located in South Florida. Eddie had become a huge Miami Dolphin fan and during this visit Bob and Eddie became fast friends. This relationship lead to a new business venture for Bob.


With Eddie Hauck's help, Bob and his friend Phillip Weaver partnered to introduce "Wings and Things", an iconic counter service/delivery concept to the University of Alabama's campus. Later Bob's brother Dave worked part time for the new business. Bob credits his brother Dave's buoyant personality in the successful launch of this concept. Dave hit the streets with FREE wings to get the folks of Alabama to try this newfangled northern creation. Once they tried the wings, many were hooked, called the new style of chicken wings "addictive". This addiction helped fuel the success of Baumhower's Restaurant, the heart and soul of Aloha Hospitality today.


After Bob retired from the Miami Dolphins, he made the hospitality business his full time career. With the help of his future wife Leslie, a nutritionist, Bob opened a counter service concept called "Wings and Whiskers" that specialized in Alabama Catfish and Buffalo Style chicken wings. It was here that today's Aloha Hospitality company structure was born.


Through never-ending research and development, Aloha responded to market conditions and opened a full service sports theme concept called "Wings Sports Grille" in Birmingham, Alabama


Aloha Hospitality began expansion by opening its second "Wings Sports Grille" location in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This concept expansion continued and was re-branded to "Baumhower's Restaurant" now located in the suburbs of 9 major Alabama cities.


Bob expanded by opening two restaurants in Orange Beach, AL. Mango's, a fine dining restaurant in 1997, & Calypso Joe's, a casual kid friendly restaurant with fun entertainment for families on vacation in 1998.


Hurricane Ivan came and destroyed both restaurants. With consistent hard work and dedication from his team, many still part of Aloha Hospitality today, Bob built the businesses back. After Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, the decision was made to sell both restaurants.


Bob's Victory Grille was launched in Tuscaloosa, AL as Wings U. Later, to capitalize on the power of Bob's name, the name changed but the theme remained the same, a concept appealing to the active college student's lifestyle. Offering a wide variety of food but specialize in pizza, this concept captured the attention of the fast moving technically savvy customer base. This sports theme restaurant is centered around "coal fired ovens" and a "from scratch" Americana menu.


Still intrigued by multi-concept dining, Bob opened a waterfront seafood concept in Orange Beach, AL, called the Compleat Angler Seafood Grille and Bar, where guests enjoyed fine dining in a casual Caribbean theme settings.


Aloha Hospitality opened it's second Bob's Victory Grille in Auburn, AL

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