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As our communities feel the increased impact of the coronavirus, the health and safety of our team members and guests are our #1 priority. On top of our already very thorough cleaning and sanitation protocols, we continue to work with local public health officials to develop more processes to ensure our restaurants are safe.


We believe it is our responsibility during this time to prioritize the expansion of our procedures to increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing to maintain a healthy environment for our Guests and Team Members. Our team members are committed to taking the necessary steps to keep our restaurants safe. 


Here are a few of the measures we have already put into place to ensure we are doing THE ABSOLUTE BEST we can to ensure a healthy working and dining environment:


1. We have brought aboard several sanitizing agents to help sanitize all areas that guests and/or team members will have contact with.


2. We have removed items from our table tops that include salt and pepper grinders, sugar caddies, table side menus, silverware, etc. This includes sanitation procedures in place for bottled condiments that are utilized (i.e. ketchup bottles or mustard bottles)


3. We have instituted the creation of a new position, for extra assurance, that will be utilized during high traffic times called “Mr./Ms. Clean”, whose sole purpose is to disinfect door handles, chair backs, menus, etc. to double-down and ensure proper sanitation in our restaurants.


As this situation evolves around us, our restaurants may implement additional preventative measures to ensure the well-being of our Guests and Team Members. 


Thank you in advance for your patience as we maneuver through these challenges. We will navigate one day at a time, while we determine the best way to serve our communities in our LEGENDARY fashion!


We really appreciate you all, Be Safe, and Wash Your Hands!!!

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